Make the Dash Count

Recently, I had the privilege of attending the graduation of Cohort 010 of The Battle Within. (The Battle Within is a program we support through the Spencer C. Duncan Make It Count Foundation. Check them out at: The Battle Within)  At the graduation, I saw something that really captured my attention.  On the wall of the graduation room were several drawings made by the participants.  One of the program participants, a veteran or first responder, indicated this as his life’s motto: “Make the Dash Count.”  At the time, I jokingly said, “Wow. I wish Dale would have said THAT to our boys.  That would be a really cool slogan for our 5K: Make the Dash Count.”

Of course, the man was thinking about his life.  The dash, that space between the born date and the death date, make that count.  Do the things that will define your life in ways that make an impact on your world.  Make the dash count.

It made me think of Spencer’s life, and his dash, that space between 1990 and 2011. Twenty-one short years.  The kid made a big impact in a short amount of time as a son, a brother, a grandson, a nephew, a friend, a dog owner, a citizen, a soldier.  But you know what? His impact continues past his dash.  Spencer’s life and sacrifice have inspired so many people to help our veterans.  Last year, we donated over $75,000 to veteran-engaged organizations and individuals.  In addition, we were honored to be a conduit for over $194,000 to The Battle Within in designated funds. To learn more, check out how we make it count in the About section.

Would you like to join us in making it count this year?  The 9th Annual Spencer C. Duncan Make It Count 5K Run/Walk will be held Saturday, August 1.  This family-friendly, veteran-honoring event has become a must for many in the KC community, and we could not be more proud, and humbled, by the way you all honor our son’s memory.  REGISTRATION IS OPEN NOW! Register Here

Sometime after we lost Spencer, we became galvanized to Make It Count for veterans.  Always our family mantra, we suddenly had a fire to do all that we could to help our nation’s veterans.  We went from wanting to make our lives count for our family and our world to wanting to make it count for as many veterans as possible. Make the dash count? Absolutely.  Make it count so much that the dash is not the end of the impact?  That’s the dream.

As a bonus, a Chinook just flew over my house.  I think Spencer approves. Let’s all make our dashes count.