Moving Parts


I am not a good candidate for the purging thing where you hold something, decide if it brings you joy, and get rid of it if it doesn’t.  I find joy in all kinds of things.  Seriously.  I have a storage unit full of joy.


One of my storage unit treasures is a clock.  It was a gift to my parents from my uncle while he was stationed in Vietnam.  I loved this clock from my childhood.  I loved the sound of its chimes, and I looked forward to being the one who would wind it.  I even hoped the clock would wind down completely and stop so that I could wind it and push that little arm thingy to get the chimes to catch up with the time.


When the clock recently came into my possession, I was super excited to get it all cleaned up and ready to hang in my office.  My enthusiasm for the project quickly waned when I opened up the clock and saw all of its moving parts.  In case you do not know, there are a lot of moving parts in a clock. A LOT.  Also, in case you do not know, there are a lot of YouTube videos on how to fix a clock with lots of moving parts. A LOT.


As I perused the videos, trying to decide where to start, I thought about other things with lots of moving parts, like our annual 5K run.  We have heard from you that you like the way we do the run, feel it is well-organized, and that it is one of your favorite runs in the metro area.  Thank you for that, by the way.  We love that you love us.


But let me tell you about the moving parts.  It takes an army of the world’s greatest volunteers to pull off our 5K: the planning meetings, the flurry of emails required to schedule the planning meetings, the herding of the cats (also known as our planning meetings), the fund raising, the keeping track of the nearly constant flow of communication, a million other things that I do not know about because our team just takes care of stuff, and then the actual event.  It is amazing, and quite humbling, to see this team do their thing every year and know that they are doing this to honor our boy, and to help our veterans.  That they do their jobs so well is a credit to their commitment to making our annual run the best event it can possibly be—for you.


This year will be our 8th annual Spencer C Duncan Make It Count 5K.  We will be there, red shirts on, ready to make it a great experience for you.  Check back here for details concerning this year’s run.  We will preview the t-shirt design, catch you up on the details of how to register your dog—yes, this year you can register your dog—and we will introduce you to the different organizations that benefit from your generosity.  (For now, make sure you check How We Make It Count to see where we granted funds raised last year.)


Please plan to join us Saturday, August 3rd for what will be another awesome event.  We will move all the parts to make sure of it.

~Megan Moore Duncan