Out of Control

As I write this, I am sitting outside enjoying the beautiful spring weather we are having. There is a woodpecker doing his thing in a tree out back, and our favorite owl has returned to serenade us with his constant questioning of “Who?” every evening. There is a slight breeze, a warm one, very gently making my wind chimes sing (yes, I am that girl, the one with wind chimes, and I’m not afraid to admit it). It truly is a lovely spring we are having with just one slightly disturbing reality: IT’S STILL FEBRUARY!!

We can’t control the weather. That really should not be a surprise to anyone, at least anyone who lives in the Midwest. In addition to weather, there are lots of things we can’t control: Someone else’s driving ability, gravity, how quickly time marches on. Sorry, not trying to traumatize any control freaks here, but we really cannot control some of the most powerful forces on earth.

There are, however, some things we can control–like by not reminding the driver in the car next to you that he or she really can’t drive, or by choosing to love our family and friends, or by making each day count. The older I get, the more I cherish what little control I do have, and the more purposeful I am in choosing how to make my days count.

It is an incredibly humbling experience to sit and talk with veterans who have been beneficiaries of your generosity to the Spencer C Duncan Make It Count Foundation. We have been privileged to speak to men and women, younger and older, as they tell their stories. Over the next few months, we will highlight some of those stories here so that you, too, can catch a glimpse of what hope can do in a life, and how that can change the world.

Please check out How We Make It Count under the About tab at the top of the page. There you will see how we chose to distribute the proceeds from last year’s run. We support a variety of organizations, carefully chosen for their commitment to veterans. Check back here for updates about these organizations and the work they are doing.

Saturday, August 5th is the date for the 6th Annual Spencer C Duncan Make It Count 5K. The best volunteer force in the world is already busy making plans for this memorable event. Please register early for a discount and to make certain your shirt is ready for packet pickup. Back again is the Virtual Runner option for those who can’t be here in person. Whether you join us live or from your location, please know we appreciate your support.

Recently, someone asked what our weather is like for the run each year. We talked about the reason we chose the first Saturday in August for our annual event (the Saturday that most closely aligns with the anniversary of the death of 30 Americans killed in action on 08.06.11) and that we have had really decent weather most years. That’s pretty surprising for Kansas in August, but it has held true so far. (Last year we even had some volunteers in long sleeves!)

I would like to make one thing clear, however. While I can pretty much guarantee you will have a great time at our run, that you will be overwhelmed with pride in our country, that you will have the opportunity to meet some truly wonderful people, I cannot absolutely guarantee that we will have great weather. That’s out of my control.

~Megan Moore Duncan