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Important Message

After long and careful consideration, the leadership of the Spencer C. Duncan Make It Count Foundation has determined that the 13th Annual 5K Run event will be suspended for 2024.

This is a very difficult decision.

As many of you are likely aware, Megan Duncan suffered a stroke on March 21 and has endured a long stay in the ICU, several neurosurgery procedures, and rehabilitation therapy.  Her heart and kidney functions were also weakened, and she is facing additional procedures and a long recovery.  The core team has determined that this is a year to focus on Megan’s health and support the Duncan family as they navigate this path. She is our priority and that is what we hope to do.

Please join us in wishing Megan a complete recovery and return to full health.

The foundation will continue to honor and assist our veteran community.  We will not stop this work because it is too important to end it.   We will need your help.   We are committed to expanding Spencer’s legacy through this work, and our leadership is looking at several possibilities to raise more funds to support student veterans looking to continue their education, and for veterans and first responders that are struggling with PTS.

You can still be part of the work of the Spencer C. Duncan Make It Count Foundation.  You can still Make It Count.  Please consider making a personal donation today.

Check out our Virtual 5K Experience page for a special Veterans Day Virtual 5K Run option that we are planning for this Fall.

Thank you!

“Have a great day. Make it count.”

These words were part of the morning ritual in our home as Dale headed out the door to work. His desire for our sons to do their best and to make a difference in the world ran so deeply that on more than one occasion as he was leaving extra early, and in a quiet voice so he didn’t wake up anyone, Dale’s strong but quiet voice would say, “Goodbye, family. Make it count.”

Fast forward several years to a conversation we had with Spencer just a few weeks before August 6, 2011. Dale was telling Spencer goodbye, and Spencer said, “I know, Dad. Make it count.” And then he did.

Making it count is about recognizing we have gifts and abilities that are to be used to benefit others. Making it count is about doing our best, even when it is so much easier to shoot for mediocrity. Making it count is about seeing more than just ourselves and understanding the part we play in helping others see more than just themselves.

Spencer Colson Duncan made his life count. He died serving the country he loved.

Who We Help

In memory of Spencer, we would like to honor the brave men and women who have given and who continue to give of themselves to ensure freedom for the people of the United States. The Spencer C. Duncan Make It Count Foundation is dedicated to supporting organizations, communities, and individuals who choose to make a difference in the lives of veterans. Please join alongside us.

How can you make it count today?

Donate to The Spencer C. Duncan Make It Count Foundation. Click below, or to donate via check, please mail your donation to:

119 N. Parker, Suite 175, Olathe, KS 66061

The Spencer C. Duncan Make It Count Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

EIN: 46-5427247