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The Johnson County Fair has been celebrating all of the best, while preserving the agricultural heritage of our community since 1939.  The Johnson County Fair has activities for everyone to enjoy. The fair is free, except for the carnival and nightly arena events. Come view exhibits from the arts to baking, horses to livestock, there is something for everyone.

Johnson County Fair



The Battle Within was founded by over 100 veterans, first responders, community leaders and supporters who believe that every warrior deserves the same opportunity to heal from the traumas they have endured in their service to others. We have come together to build a community for warriors nationwide to attend for free, a five-day program built by warriors using holistic techniques steeped in ancient warrior culture and backed by modern evidence-based methods.




The Kansas City Warrior Coalition was founded in 2019 to bring together partners that set the stage for healing, with the vision to provide our warriors with the services they need in an environment that will nuture and reinforce healthly lifestyle habits.

The Warrior Coalition is presenting the 2022 Fallen Heroes Race Series.

Fallen Heroes Race Series



All Nations Flag Company was originally a subdivision of Wald & Company Fireworks which was founded in 1924. When Wald & Company’s founder T. George Wald passed away in the late 1940’s his sons Harold, Gerald and Norbert took over the business. Norbert Wald managed All Nations from the 1960’s forward. In the mid 60’s All Nations purchased Capitol Flag & Banner and merged the companies to form All Nations Capitol Flag & Banner. When Norbert Wald passed away in 1982 his son Greg Wald took over management and changed the name back to All Nations Flag Company. Greg Wald is the current owner and his son Sean Wald is presently working at All Nations.

All Nations Flag Company prides itself on true handmade craftsmanship and unmatched quality. They stock a full range of flagpoles which they install and service. All Nations sells the finest quality made in USA products and they back that up with an experienced professional staff with over 100 years of combined service.

All Nations Flag Company has sponsored the “You Are Now Entering the Boulevard of the Brave” banner at the start of the Spencer C. Duncan Make It Count 5K Run each year.

Thank you All Nations Flag!




Chalk Up For Burpees is a 90 Day Program that has a mission to aid veterans, first responders and department personnel in the creation of lifelong health and wellness habits. The FREE 90 Day Program uses the vehicle of fitness to teach the importance of taking care of your body all while reeducating participants on the necessity to also take care of their minds. Chalk Up For Burpees understands the incredible task at hand, but believes through structure, support and accountability, we will be able to help break down the walls that stand in the way of the participant’s success in order for them to have a more fulfilling life.


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Please support our sponsors who are committed to making a difference in the lives of our nation’s veterans. We can make it count together!

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