We are excited to share with you our Spencer C. Duncan Make It Count Virtual 5K Experience!

We have been told that the Boulevard of the Brave is a highlight of our annual 5K event.  For those that cannot be here in person, we are excited to bring that to you in a couple of different virtual formats!

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The Boulevard of the Brave is a powerful experience!

It is an amazing opportunity to honor our 31 Heroes along the 3.1 mile race course. We honor each fallen warrior by placing a memorial sign at each 1/10 mile marker. It is such an honor to hold one of these signs.

Thank you to Mike Lovell for leading this effort.  Please read the credits at the end for the special people that helped Mike make this possible.

We are excited to share this Boulevard of the Brave tribute video with our virtual 5K participants.

Boulevard Tribute

If you are missing the opportunity to run the entire length of the course, we have the video just for you!  Set the pace on your treadmill and check out this extended long version of the Boulevard of the Brave.

Boulevard Full Course

Maybe you would like to have a reminder of the songs streaming during our 5K event.  Thank you to our great friend Aaron Gregory (DJ Aaron G) who helps us every year!  Aaron put together this special playlist for our virtual runners to enjoy!

Make It Count Playlist

In our effort to continue to honor the 31 heroes of Extortion 17 (one seven), we are excited to share an amazing virtual tour of a Memorial Chinook.

Please take a few minutes and enjoy this virtual memorial. Feel free to explore above, below, and around, just like you are actually inside the aircraft.

You may stop and click on any one of the individual photographs for more images and a biography of that hero.

Thank you to the creators of this amazing memorial!

Extortion 17 Memorial



If you are looking for motivation for your own virtual 5K experience, please feel free to watch this amazing recording and video of the singing of the national anthem and the presentation of our nation’s flag.

Thank you to DeAnna Murguia, Jorge San Jose, American Legion Leroy Hill Post #19, and the US Army Reserve 7th Battalion / 158th Aviation Regiment.

National Anthem