2LT Wheeler

The mom says:
Callie has told me for years that she’s wanted a tattoo – I never told her no – just that she better be able to care for herself if she gets one. The day of Spencer’s funeral she told me when she does – it would read “Make it Count.” I conceded the idea wouldn’t be horrible. I’m still not thrilled with the idea of a tattoo on the young lady, however I can’t express how much I respect her connection to the reason.

The daughter says:
I realized last August how easy it is to just go through the motions. I decided that like Spencer, I want to live my life so that when I move on from this world people know I made my time here count too. It’s a message I love being reminded of everyday– and I love sharing this simple life changing concept with others when they ask what’s on my arm.

We say:
Thank you both for sharing your Make It Count story. And thank you for your service to this country, 2Lt. You are certainly making it count, too.