A Run Never Forgotten- Sara Thompson

I didn’t know Spencer but I am an Army Wife stationed on Fort Leavenworth. I have kept up with Spencer’s story through my friend Marie. I recently had the opportunity through the organization Wear blue:run to remember to pledge miles in honor of a fallen hero. Since Spencer is right here at Leavenworth I felt called to run for him.
From my home to the Fort Leavenworth cemetery is 3 miles and I pledged 5. As I ran past the cemetery I decided to try and find Spencer’s grave not ever imagining I would find him. Then suddenly to my right I saw his name and read those amazing words “Make it Count.” After a good cry and many prayers for Spencer ,his family and friends he left behind I continued my run. This time with the words Make it count in my head the whole way. I pledged 5 miles that day but ran 7 instead making that the furthest I have ever ran. I was able to finish my run because of Spencer and those words Make it Count.I never stopped to walk I just prayed and continue to think of Spencer and the sacrifice he and his family made. It is a run I will never forget. I have gathered some of my other Run to Remember friends and we will be getting together to run the 5k in August. We will be the group in blue running to remember Spencer!!!