I always liked the number 11. (What? You don’t have favorite numbers?) There is something really cool about that number. It is an odd number, it is tidy in appearance with its parallel lines, and you have to really work to find a rhyming word (other than seven). It is a prime number which, in my mind, means it stands apart from the crowd of other numbers. I just like 11.

Eleven is how old Spencer was when our nation experienced 9/11. That day made an immediate impact on him, for sure, but we did not know at the time what a long-term impact it made on him. What he saw that day was that our freedom and safety as a nation depend on those who are willing to stand between us and those who seek to do us harm. He felt like he could do something about that, so he did.

Eleven years ago, we were experiencing the “last time before Spencer leaves” things like eating at Oklahoma Joe’s and visiting relatives and having family pictures made. We thought they were last time before he leaves things and not last time ever things. On March 20th, it will be eleven years since we hugged Spencer and watched him fly off on his grand adventure.


On August 6th this year, we will hold the 11th Annual Spencer C. Duncan Make It Count 5K. There will probably be about 1100 people there. We will walk and run and hug and cry and honor and pay our respects to our military and to the brave heroes who died with Spencer. The run will start at 7:30. It will be a unique and special time to gather, raise some money for veterans, and catch up with folks who have made this a regular part of their summer routine, as well as folks who are just now hearing of us. And after a busy morning of details and activities and doing our best to pull together an excellent event, the majority of the people will go home and all but a few things will be put away. That will happen right around 11:00.

Please join us for the 11th Annual Spencer C Duncan Make It Count 5K. Early bird registration starts now and ends at 11:59 p.m. on May 31st. We offer registration for those who want to join us in person, for those who want to participate from wherever they are (virtual), for veterans, and for dogs. New this year, you will have the option to choose a long-sleeved shirt for a nominal upcharge or opt for the short-sleeved shirt included in all registrations except veterans and canines. (Veterans register for free and can choose to purchase a shirt: $10 for short sleeves and $13 for long sleeves. Dogs don’t get shirts because one of Spencer’s pet peeves was clothes on animals.)